leaf guard

The System

The system
  1. Professional Install:

    Tucked under the second row of tiles for increased security.

  2. UltraGuard Mesh:

    Premium quality anti-sheeting plastic or aluminium mesh.

  3. Accessories:

    Colorbond® trims used to secure mesh to gutter.

  4. Filtering:

    Clean filtered water. UltraGuard mesh has the perfect hole size to allow maximum water in and maximum waste out.

  5. Clean Gutters:

    Clean leafs & debris free gutters.

  6. Ski Slope:

    The ski slope design simply allows leaves to fall to the surface below by gravity.

  7. Professional Install & DIY available

    Professional Install & DIY available.

  8. Cleaned Rainwater:

    Cleaned rainwater

  9. Mesh Design:

    Perfect hole size in the mesh allow for no surface water build up on the mesh preventing clogging of the holes, allowing water easily through.

  10. Large Surface Area:

    The mesh covers a greater area of the roof. Protection starts from the roof end to gutter end.

  11. Patented Product:

    Our aluminium mesh is our own patented product. Don't settle for inferior copies.

“Trusted Experience. Insist on UltraGuard!”