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UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh

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Product Features

  • Exposure Grade Aluminium
  • Bushfire Area Recommended
  • Fire Proof
  • Available in Choice of Colours
  • COLORBOND approved for use with your roof and gutters
  • Anti Sheeting
  • Perfectly contours to your roof
  • Council Approved


UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh

Product Information

Being at the forefront of the Australian Gutter Protection market, UltraGuard has developed and patented its very own aluminium gutter protection mesh. The UltraGuard Aluminium mesh system has been designed on the same basis as our HDPE plastic system and is installed in exactly the same manner, making it ideally suited for all roof types.

UltraGuard Aluminium was developed through the need to produce a quality product that was compliant to the new Australian Bushfire Standards ( AS3959 and AS1530.2). After extensive research into product development and testing it was revealed that there was no plastic mesh system which could be manufactured that would comply entirely to the new standards. The next best system was simply converting our extruded diamond shaped HDPE mesh into metal. This came about by developing an expanded metal which gave us the same profile product but in aluminium.

Metal Roofs:
With metal roofs the UltraGuard system is fitted using Colorbond© clips.

Tile Roofs:
With all roof types both UltraGuard can be used to protect all gutters & valleys.

UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh Graphic

Aluminium has many great properties including being malleable and one of the most compatible metals with Zincalume i.e. COLORBOND metals. Further more aluminium mesh is able to better contour to the roof profile than any other metal based product or plastic. It is critical that we kept the overall profile of the mesh to a minimum to ensure that it is fitted to minimize the disturbance to the performance of the roof.

Our aluminium mesh conforms to AS3959:2009 and comes with a fire rating of 0 (CSIRO tested), making it the best product to be used in bushfire prone areas.

Colour Range

UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh is available in premium powder coated aluminium in a range of popular colours.

UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh colour swatched

The mesh colours shown on this site have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as limitations of web palette colours affect colour tones. Please also note that if you are printing this page the colours will not be accurate using most printers and should not be used for colour matching purposes.

15 year warranty


We offer a 15 year written manufacturer backed warranty.


Download a full specification sheet on UltraGuard Aluminium Mesh.

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