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Types of Regulations

The Australian Gutter Protection Industry has regulations in place to govern products for use in particular areas as well as OH&S requirements for product installations and relevant insurances. Furthermore certain state based regulations also existing such BSA licensing requirements.

Product Regulations

The only product requirements which exist are those governed by Australian Standard AS3959:2009 for buildings in bushfire prone areas.

UltraGuard complies with all product regulations.

Occupational Health & Safety

As the installation of gutter protection products are often done at certain heights the OH&S Act is in place to ensure that all height safety requirements are complied to. Any person fitting a gutter protection product must be OH&S trained & certified.

UltraGuard complies with all OH&S regulations.


All installers must maintain a minimum level of insurance cover including product & personal liability cover as well Workers Compensation insurance.

UltraGuard complies with all insurance requirements.


Cheap quotes usually offer no product warranty and almost certainly do not comply with product, OH&S, and insurance regulations. Beware of inferior products & installation. This can void your own insurance & product warranty. Don’t Risk It!

“For a professional & complying product & installation, use an UltraGuard Licensed Dealer”