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It is critical to consider the following points prior to choosing your gutter protection solution:

  1. Area

  2. Budget

  3. Performance

Step 1 - AREA:

If you live within a bushfire prone area and/or are subject to the Australian Standard AS3959 (Building within bushfire prone areas) then your only solutions is Ultraguard Aluminium. If your area is not subject to this conformance then you are able to choose either a HDPE plastic system or Aluminium system.

Step 2 - BUDGET:

Both UltraGuard Aluminium and Plastic products perform in exactly the same manner and do the same thing. Approximately Ultraguard Aluminum is nearly 30% dearer than the HDPE. However obviously the life expectancy of a metal system is higher than a plastic especially in relation to Ultra violet rays. Over all UltraGuard has been rated as the most affordable system in the market today.


The longevity of the material will dictate how each system would work under weathering conditions. Obviously a metal system would have a longer life expectancy to a plastic as they both weather differently. All UltraGuard systems and products perform in exactly the same way. The UltraGuard system is a proven and tested system ahead of all competing products

Step 4 - Colour Matching:

The colour of the mesh & clips (clips for use in metal roofs only) is determined by the colour fo the roof. The colour of the trim used to fasten the front end of the mesh over the gutter is determined by the colour of the gutter.

Step 5 - Product Measurments:

You will need to measure the lengths of all gutters and valleys which you want protected. Always allow for a little extra for over runs on the gutters & valleys. The number of meters will determine the amount of mesh. The width of the mesh is determined by different types of roof and areas of protection. Here is a guide:

Tile Roofs:
Gutters- 500mm width mesh
Valley- 1000mm width mesh

Metal Roofs:
Gutters & Valleys: 250mm width mesh

Step 6: Accessories & Fastners

Tile Roofs: Only require hex head screws & trims for fastening of the mesh to the gutter. The other end of the mesh is tucked under the second row of tiles and it is the weight of the tile which will keep it down.

Metal Roofs (Corrugated): Require hex head screws as well as special Corrugated clips (aka saddles) and trims. The saddles are used to fasten the mesh to the roof and the trim is used to fasten the mesh to the front lip of the gutter. To determine the number of saddles you need for a job, for every meter you will require 7 saddles per metre of gutters as the saddles are fastened over every second corrugation. For valley protection you will require 24 saddles per mtr as every corrugation on either side of the valley will need a saddle to fasten the mesh.

Metal Roofs (Trimdeck): Require hex head screws as well as special Trimdeck profiled clips and trims. The saddles for the gutters you will require 6 per mtr of gutter.

Note: For screws a box of 1000 screws is sufficient.