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Insect Prevention

insect prevention

The build up of leaf & debris coupled with rain water creates a deadly environment for the growth of harmful algae & bacteria which in turn can create some harmful breeding ground for insects and disease.


Insect Problem

One of the most popular insects which enjoy such conditions are mosquitos. Mosquitos are also one of the major contributants to the Dengue Fever epidemic. Dengue Fever is a viral disease transmitted by certain mosquitos and found mainly in tropical areas around the world and Australia.

Dengue Fever disease can cause some serious helath complication and can potentially be fatal.

Prevention Measures

To prevent the spread of Dengue Fever it is recommended that the following measures are adopted:

  • clean out roof gutters (Install UltraGuard)
  • throw out unused container
  • tip out containers that can hold water and store in a dry place

For further information on prevention of Dengue Fever please visit http://www.health.qld.gov.au/dengue/dengue_fever/default.asp

UltraGuard- Your Insect Prevent Solution

By installing UltraGuard over your gutters your gutters will be protected against any leafs and debris build up. Also the mesh holes are large enough to allow sunlight to enter the gutters and destroy any build up of any fungi or bacteria. By keeping gutters clean UltraGuard assists in preventing and creating a breeding environment for mosquitos to live and breed.

“For a Dengue Fever solution, trust UltraGuard.”