Gutter Leaf


  1. I need a quote?

    Link so that the request for quote form appears.

  2. Can I buy product only?

    Yes. We have DIY kits and instructions to install the product yourself. See installation section(Link to the installation section)

  3. Will the mesh match my roof & gutter?

    The mesh and clips (metal roof only) will be an exact match or a close colour match to your roof colour. If we do not have you exact shade we will recommend the next closest colour. For gutters the trim which is supplied in most cases will be the exact same colour as your gutter.

  4. What is the smallest qty I can buy?

    The minimum qty we sell in our aluminium mesh is 10mtr or 30mtr rolls. In plastic it will either be 25 or 50 mtrs.

  5. How much will this system cost?

    Each house needs to be quoted to be able to determine an exact costing for the system. So please request for a free measure and quote. An Ultraguard systems has been rated as the most affordable gutter protection system on the market today.

  6. How long will it take to install?

    An average house, and subject to weather conditions, will take around 1 day.

  7. Will the plastic deteriorate in the sun?

    No. Ultraguard plastic is specially designed and includes UV stablisers in its product composition that ensure that the mesh will last up to 15 years without breakdown. We supply a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown by the manufacturer.

  8. Will your product void any roofing or rainwater goods warranty?

    Our system and products will not void any warranty. Ultraguard is the only company that has had its products approved by Bluescope steel, the manufactuers of Colorbond.

  9. Will drilling into my roof or gutters void my roof or gutter warranty?

    No. As we use Colorbond accessories and approved Class 3 or 4 screws which are approved for use with Colorbon and Zincalum roofs.

  10. Will the mesh keep everything out?

    Ultraguard will keep upto 99% of leave and debris out of your gutters. Pine needles and Jacaranda are an exception, even though the mesh will keep the majority of them out some still get through. The ones that get through the mesh will autmotically be washed away. The mesh hole sizes have been scientifiecally designed to allow maximum matter out and maximum water in. Any hole size that provides 100% protection by keeping everything out will also keep water out !

  11. Will I need to maintain the system?

    No. The Ultraguard system is virtually maintenance free. As any matter that comes into contact with the mesh should simply slide off. And any matter often dirt that enters the gutters will be washed away by the rain. In case of drought and low rain pour Ultraguard offers a maintenance service. See your representative for further details.

  12. Do you have bushfire approved product?

    Yes. Our Ultraguard Aluminium and MetalGuard are approved for use in bushfire prone areas. With a fire rating of 0 (the best) as tested by the CSIRO.

  13. I live in a Bushfire prone area what product can I use?

    Only Ultraguard Aluminium or MetalGuard are approved for use in bushfire prone areas.

  14. Are your products Environmentally friendly?

    Yes our Ultraguard plastic are 100% recyclable.

  15. Will your system work on all roof profiles?

    Ultraguard system will work on all tile, metal, corroguted, trimdek, bullnose and kliplok roofs.

  16. What roof areas does your products cover?

    Our products can protect both gutters and roof valleys.

  17. Do you clean gutters?

    Yes all gutters, valleys and downpipes are cleaned and flushed prior to installation of an Ultraguard system.

  18. Will your system be compatible with my roof & gutters?

    Yes. Most metal roofs and gutters are manufactured from Colorbond Steel. And Ultraguard is the only approved system of its kind for use with Colorbond steel.

  19. What is Colorbond?

    The majority (over 90%) of metal roof and gutter are manufactured from a metal product known as Colorbond. Colorbond is manufactured from a combination of aluminium and zinc. As Ultraguard is an aluminium mesh it makes it the most suitable type of gutter protection for use with Colorbond and Zincalume. For futher information visit

  20. What is sheeting?

    Sheeting is when water builds up on the surface of any gutter protection material and thus closing up the hole. This will then block the hole from accepting any water intake and the water will simply glide over the material and to the ground and not into the gutters. The major cause of sheeting is too small holes and inconsistent hole sizes.

  21. What is electrolysis?

    Electrolysis is the chemical decomposition reaction produced by passing an electric current through a solution containing ions. In simple terms it the corrosive reaction and breakdown of your metal roof and gutters when there is an incompatibility between metals. That is when two or more metals are not compatible they will create electrolysis and thus a rapid deterioration of the weaker metal in most cases your roof and gutters. All Ultraguard products do not create electolysis.

  22. Can UltraGuard assist in rainwater collection?

    Yes. Ultraguard will assist in providing enhanced filtration of rainwater into your gutters. By maintaining clean gutters there will be no harmful bacteria and or algae build up. UltraGuard is the only product of its type to have the AWQC Water approval.

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