About us

UltraGuard Gutter Protection is amongst one of Australia’s most innovative and professional gutter guard company. Established since 2003 the UltraGuard brand has been synonymise with quality, professional advice and above all premium customer service.

UltraGuard manufactures, distributes and installs it very own products. Which ensures that at all time our service offering is done with the highest level of care and technical know how.

Our modern production facilities employ the latest technologies and are amongst the largest in the world in their field. With over 50 years experience in extruded plastic production. Our technology and know how is coupled with a strong and careful attention to detail and provision of premium quality gutter protection products.

UltraGuard is proud of its long standing history and experience base. Our founders are very well respected pioneering individuals within the gutter protection industry of Australia, and are renowned for providing at all times the highest level of technical and professional advice.

UltraGuard products remain the industries most innovative and practical solutions.

UltraGuard is proudly Australian Owned & Operated.

UltraGuard research & development is largely market focussed. It is with this strength that the product solutions presented have been borne from direct installer and end user feedback. UltraGuard prides itself on offering a professional technically-backed solution to your gutter protection problem.

UltraGuard is proudly located in most major capital cities through UltraGuard Licensed outlets & operators.

“Trusted Experience. Insist on UltraGuard!”